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Take your scientific potential to market with a full-service CDMO

Nucleus RadioPharma is a growing end-to-end contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) partner dedicated to building robust and reliable clinical and commercial supply chains for targeted radiotherapies so that radiopharmaceutical companies and other innovators can succeed.

Unlock your potential

Targeted expertise for targeted radiotherapeutics

Under the rigorous scientific guidance of leading industry experts, we’re building the infrastructure radioligand therapy companies need to be successful at every stage to bring life-saving therapies from concept to reality.

collective years experience in manufacturing
collective years experience in radiopharmaceutical supply chain

Leverage our commercial-scale radiopharmaceutical CDMO facilities

We’re building a national manufacturing footprint that mitigates current bottlenecks to bring your radiotherapeutics to market—and closer to patients—faster without sacrificing quality.

Our first facility, located in Rochester, MN, is built to support our clients at every stage of the radiotherapy lifecycle—pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial.

commercial-scale radiopharmaceutical CDMO facility

Production is scheduled to begin in Q4 2024 at our newly opened Rochester, MN facility.


Product Development and Regulatory Expertise

Advance your promising drug candidates into commercially successful radiotherapeutics with our deep product development and regulatory expertise.

Manufacturing Infrastructure

Utilize our manufacturing footprint and interconnected resource network to reliably and efficiently produce your radiotherapy.

Supply Chain Networks

Have the confidence that our networks meet the unique demands of radioactive isotope-based products.

Go from breakthrough to reality

The potential for groundbreaking cancer treatments via targeted radiotherapies has grown, yet outdated processes and inefficiencies mar the path to bringing these solutions to market.

Our expert team is dedicated to helping innovators—whether you’re a biotech startup or a more established pharmaceutical organization—at every and any step of your journey to build robust and reliable clinical and commercial supply chains for targeted radiotherapies.

Not every CDMO has the scientific expertise and network needed to develop, manufacture, and deliver your radiotherapeutics.

We do.

Get a connected solution for complex supply chains

  • Manufacturing capacity has been a significant constraint for currently approved radioligand therapies, and with hundreds of new theranostics in clinical trials, the science has rapidly outpaced the supply chain.
  • The clock starts ticking from the moment the radioactive isotope is isolated and purified.
  • There may only be days, or sometimes even hours, to manufacture, release, ship, and administer a dose to a patient, making an effective delivery strategy crucial.
How Nucleus RadioPharma solves them:
  • Building our development and manufacturing facilities in proximity to prominent destination medical centers and key distribution hubs.
  • Offering flexible services with multiple onboarding points so innovators can come to us at any point in their product lifecycle and receive optimal services, rapidly advancing their program.
  • More patients have access to life-saving treatments.
  • Fewer of your doses are wasted.
  • Accelerated path to commercialization while maintaining safety and quality.
radiopharmaceutical therapy patient
radiopharmaceutical medicine

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